Certification & Training

Build your competence and demonstrate your commitment to practices that safeguard social and environmental values. We can help you to stay firmly on track towards sustainability.
Sunbeam cutting through a spring forest
Take part of a vigorous global trade that benefits forests and businesses.
A pile of huge tropical logs.
Our LegalSource services help you to meet timber laws and demands for legal timber.
Tea pickers at Rainforest Alliance Certified farm.
Gain certification against SAN/ Rainforest Alliance standards and support responsible farming.
Gain PEFC certification and find resources to manage your certificate.
Two hands holding wood pellets.
Provide assurance that woody biomass is climate-friendly and responsibly sourced.
Get certified by the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) to demonstrate to your customers that you produce palm oil responsibly.
Blue sky wih clouds and a bright sun.
We can help you to manage your carbon footprint in line with international best-practice.