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Sample FSC CoC procedures
Aug 2017 2.0 MB
Free sample FSC Chain of Custody (CoC) procedures for a single-site certificate holder using the transfer system. Use this document for inspiration to create your own company-specific procedures. Based on FSC CoC Certification Standard V3-0.
Thematic article: Fake documents
Aug 2017 5.5 MB
A guide on how to spot fake documents and what to do about them
NEPCon Sourcing Hub online leaflet
Jun 2017 1.4 MB
Get an overview of the NEPCon Soucring Hub and how it can help you to meet the EUTR requirements.
EUTR supplier relations leaflet
Jun 2017 4.9 MB
Are you required to carry out due diligence on the timber you sell? Use this leaflet to find out how to get all the information you require from your suppliers while also maintaining good relations with them.
RSPO Supply Chain Certification Service Fact Sheet
Apr 2017 336 kB
Learn about benefits, options and conditions applying to our RSPO Supply Chain Certification Service.
SBP Service Fact Sheet
Apr 2017 456 kB
Learn about benefits, options and conditions applying to our SBP certification services.
Sample PEFC Chain of Custody Procedures
Apr 2017 5.0 MB
You may use this document for inspiration on how to develop and structure your own company-specific PEFC Chain of Custody procedures. Based on the PEFC Chain of Custody Standard (PEFC ST 2002:2013, Second edition).
FSC Expert Training Course
Apr 2017 377 kB
Concise information on the FSC Expert Course, fulfilling FSC's formal Lead Auditor training requirements.
FSC Chain of Custody Certification
Mar 2017 321 kB
Understand the main facts and conditions pertaining to our FSC chain of custody certification services.
Guide for retailers on the EUTR
Mar 2017 1.9 MB
Learn about the EU Timber Regulation and see guidance on what products you need to carry out due diligence on, and how to do the due diligence.