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FSC Chain of Custody Certification
Mar 2017 321 kB
Understand the main facts and conditions pertaining to our FSC chain of custody certification services.
Thematic Article no.2: Behind the scenes of EUTR Competent Authorities
Mar 2017 0 kB
Competent Authorities (CAs) in Belgium, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands provide an insight into their work in these places.
Guide for retailers on the EUTR
Mar 2017 1.9 MB
Learn about the EU Timber Regulation and see guidance on what products you need to carry out due diligence on, and how to do the due diligence.
National Risk Assessments
Mar 2017 2.3 MB
Learn about our risk assessment work related to forest legality; FSC Controlled Wood – HCV; CSR for soy, beef and palm oil; and SBP (Sustainable Biomass Program)
NEPCon training experience
Mar 2017 491 kB
Info sheet describing NEPCon's experience within capacity building.
NEPCon Certification System Evaluation Standard
Feb 2017 909 kB
This Standard contains a framework for evaluating certification and verification systems to assess their ability to provide assurance of the legal harvest, transport and trade of forest products.
LegalSource Services for Forest Managers
Feb 2017 221 kB
Explore LegalSource services that could guide and support you to meet your legal obligations as a forest manager.
NEPCon Generic Group and Multi-Site Standard
Feb 2017 657 kB
This standard sets out requirements for systems implemented by groups with multiple entities or organisations working with multiple sites.
LegalSource due diligence support services
Feb 2017 391 kB
Understand the LegalSource due diligence concept and see a range of services we can tailor to meet your specific needs.
NEPCon Generic Chain of Custody Standard
Feb 2017 504 kB
This standard sets out the requirements for NEPCon Generic Chain of Custody certification.