Timber legality resources

Browse these pages to find guides, tools and information about timber regulations and legal timber sourcing.
Get to grips with timber laws
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Explore the requirements of the EU Timber Regulation and similar regulations applying in the US and Australia.
Due Diligence System
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The LegalSource Due Diligence System is EUTR-compliant and comprises of tools and templates to help you exercise due diligence.
LegalSource Standard
The LegalSource Standard
This standard forms the backbone of our LegalSource Due Diligence System and related certification, monitoring and training services.
LegalSource trademark
The LegalSource claims and labels underpin the value of LegalSource certification and signals your commitment to legal timber sourcing.
Forestry risk profiles
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Explore timber legality risk profiles for selected timber producing countries.
Industry guides
Find guides and information that helps you or your suppliers in navigating timber regulations and due diligence requirements.