Supporting credible schemes

We are adamant about the credibility and effectiveness of sustainability schemes. This is why we engage beyond the delivery of certification services to support strong impact on the ground.

Let's be honest about one thing: Creating and enforcing credible sustainability schemes is not easy. The good news is that it's possible. In fact, the world is witnessing such systems unfold.

At NEPCon we firmly believe that sustainability certification is a natural part of a better future, providing the systems are robust and credible.  

We engage actively in selected systems, and this takes many forms. For example, we participate in their development, we design and execute projects that strengthen the systems, and we share our insights in articles and reports. 


Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

Since 1996, NEPCon has been an active participant in the FSC system at global and local level. We help to develop international and local FSC standards and processes that are powerful in fostering change.  

NEPCon is a long-standing member of FSC. We have attended all FSC General Assemblies to date, participating in key stakeholder discussions. 


As FSC service providers, we bring our experience from using the standards in practice to the table, along with a clear focus on the system's performance on the ground.

Some of our projects help streamline the FSC system. For example, together with FSC we have established the Global Forest Registrya free online tool for buyers who seek to avoid unacceptable timber. The site supports certified companies sourcing Controlled Wood for their FSC products.  

We also regularly provide training for FSC National Offices, for example on Controlled Wood Risk Assessments.

Learn more about the FSC system

The ISEAL Alliance

NEPCon is a subscriber to the ISEAL Alliance, a leading international association for sustainability standards. Membership is only granted to standard-setting organisations that fulfil strict criteria.

The ISEAL Alliance recognises the special challenges involved in securing the credibility of social and environmental assurance schemes. The organisation develops criteria for robust system management and oversight. Amongst other aspects, it advocates a strong focus on stakeholder inclusion.

Two of the schemes that we work with - the Forest Stewardship CouncilTM and the Sustainable Agricultural NetworkTM - are also members of the ISEAL Alliance. 


ISEAL Credibility Principles from ISEAL Alliance on Vimeo.


Our own certification standards

We embrace a transparent and multi-stakeholder based approach to developing our own certification standards. We have thus developed our LegalSourceTM Standard and the NEPCon Carbon Footprint Management Standard in line with the ISEAL Code of Good Practice for Setting Social and Environmental Standards.