Our programmes

Credibility and impact take the front seat when we develop our services.
The true challenge in sustainability certification is to develop systems which are robust yet easy to apply. Our goal is to create positive change without bureaucracy.
Hando Hain, NEPCon Development Director,

Deforestation, illegal logging, and build-up of carbon in the Earth's atmosphere. These are serious threats that imperil our planet as we know it. Effective countermoves are clearly needed for the world to stay a green and likeable place.

We seek to foster positive change through development of robust services for conscious and forward-thinking organisations.

Our aim is to develop feasible and foolproof solutions with clear impact on the ground.

Responsible Forestry
A lush and sunny tropical forest.
This programme facilitates responsible forest management and trade.
A truck transporting timber.
Our LegalSource services build capacity and solutions for legal timber sourcing.
NEPCon training event, with training folder in the foreground and active participants in the background.
We build competencies that empower indviduals and organisations to create a better future.
Field under dark clouds, with light on the horizon.
We foster and develop solutions for climate-conscious organisations.