New LegalSource standard released

13 February 2017
Today, NEPCon releases a new version of our LegalSource standard. Download it here.

The LegalSource™ standard is a set of requirements for creating a due diligence system to manage the risks of harvesting or sourcing illegal timber.

The main changes in version 2 of the standard over version 1 are that certified companies now need to:

  • review their due diligence systems at least every year.
  • have a complaints procedure to address substantiated complaints.
  • implement preventive measures in cases where products have been placed on the market prior to risk assessment or risk mitigation being conducted.
  • systematically evaluate supply chain information and documents to determine their relevance and validity.
  • ensure that any third-party certification systems used provide assurance of low risk of illegal harvest, trade and transport and mixing.
  • include the LegalSource certification number on sales documentation when making a LegalSource claim.

The LegalSource™ standard is part of a wider set of tools that can help you exercise the due diligence required to meet timber legality laws in the EU, US and Australia. The tools include guidelines, forms and templates for supplier evaluation, risk assessment and risk mitigation and can all be downloaded from our website.

The LegalSource™ Due Diligence System has been recognised by the European Commission as a method of complying with the EU Timber Regulation, when NEPCon was the first organisation to be recognised as a Monitoring Organisation under the EUTR. 


> See a detailed overview of the standard revision