Source and supply legal timber

Demand for legal timber assurance is on the rise. We can help you fulfil buyers' expectations and meet the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) and other regulations.

Our LegalSourceTM services are designed to help companies around the world to meet their own sourcing policies or to trade legal timber in line with key market regulations. The services can be tailored or combined to suit your needs.

Help with the EUTR
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Engage in our EU-recognised monitoring services that help you to comply with the EU Timber Regulation.
Due diligence support
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Do you need to implement due diligence for legal timber sourcing? Gain expert support to establish systems and assess or mitigate risk.
Supply chain support
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Supplier evaluation helps you to address risks of sourcing illegal timber. Plus, it builds your suppliers' competencies.
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Learn about due diligence in theory and in practice. Join an open course or request training for your staff or suppliers.
LegalSource certification
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Demonstrate your ability to exercise due diligence at the appropriate level to exclude illegal timber from your supply chains.
Timber testing
Verify claims about your supply chains. Identify the origin of forest or the timber species contained in your timber product.
Tools & guidance
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Access the free LegalSource Due Diligence System, understand the EUTR and similar legislations or find guidance and tools.
Stakeholder info
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Find statements and information on our LegalSource certification services and clients.