Earn FSC certification

FSC certification helps you to meet market demands and raise your profile whilst supporting the world's forests.

FSCTM certification provides robust assurance for the responsible origin of timber products. Explore our FSC services and free resources that support you to obtain, manage and benefit from FSC certification.

FSC System
Learn who is behind the Forest Stewardship Council, how the system works and why it is supported by a broad range of stakeholders.
Forest certification
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Earn public respect for your responsible forest management. Certify your forest to globally recognised principles and criteria.
Chain of custody certification
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FSC CoC certification links certified forests with consumers. Use our services and free tools to join the certified trade.
Controlled Wood
The FSC Controlled Wood system aims to exclude unacceptable wood from FSC products.
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Understand the FSC system and build skills that help you to ensure system compliance.
Client resources
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See the latest updates on the fast evolving FSC system. Explore our guides and tools.
FSC Stakeholder information
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See statements and information on our FSC certification services and clients.