Building skills for a better future

Know-how is key to scaling up sustainability. That is why competence development is ingrained in virtually everything we do.
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world
Nelson Mandela

We seek to build human capacity for the step-change towards a sustainable world that we envision. This is done through training and information on tackling climate change and fostering a responsible natural resources trade.

Our training programme is designed for professionals such as land stewards, businesses, public sector organisations, and NGOs. In addition, capacity building is an integrated part of our projects, client services and media outreach.  

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Training: a key project success factor 
Group of 30 particpants in NEPCon's training course on FLEGT and timber legality in Ghana.

Building local capacity is essential to secure the long-term value of projects. This is why training is so often a core part of our projects.

Whatever the topic, the common thread is the practical focus. We aim to inspire by providing know-how that empowers people to put sustainability ideas into practice.

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Raising the competencies of certificate holders
NEPCon auditor and client in a storeroom looking at boxes with FSC segregation labels.

A well-managed certification process builds competencies. It often helps to improve quality management and related benefits such as resources savings and enhanced efficiency. 

Our guides and updates help our clients to understand issues, avoid pitfalls and ensure system compliance. This underpins a seamless certification process and protects system integrity.

Our client tools are freely available in the public space.

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Newsletter and media outreach

We share our insights through our own newsletters and via external media. Our aim is to entertain whilst making important nuances visible that tend to get lost in the mainstream media.  

Our free e-newsletter Certified Wood Update, published jointly with the Rainforest Alliance, is a popular source of information on trends within certified and legal timber trade. 



NEPCon training experience

This info sheet describes our training experience.

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